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    Preferred by hotels, restaurants, cafés, car parks, and charging station operators, Volti STATION is an industrial charging station suitable for shared use. It can be integrated into all systems using the OCPP 1.6 charging point operating protocol. Its Type 2 charging socket is universally compatible with the users’ charging cables.

    The Volti STATION ensures safe charging by locking the cable in place during charging. Volti STATION protects you and your vehicle by immediately ceasing charging if it detects an issue or malfunction from either the electric grid or vehicle while charging. It will automatically resume charging when the fault has been corrected. Volti STATION has RFID, WiFi, and Ethernet connectivity.

    Volti STATION has two versions developed for Phase 1 and Phase 3 electric infrastructures. The Volti HOME Phase 1 model was developed per international standards and can transfer a maximum of 7.4 kW. The Phase 3 model can transfer a maximum of 22 kW to your electric vehicle. During the installation, power adjustment ​​can be made to smaller power levels according to the electrical infrastructure of the installation location.

    Charging times are approximately 4-6 hours for the 7.4 kW option* and 1-2 hours with the 22 kW option.*

    *Charging times may vary. Values calculated with  a 22 kW on-board charging system (OBC) and a 30 kWh battery capacity.

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