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    What is Volti?

    Volti is an E-Mobility brand. Its purpose is to support mobility through electricity with environmentally friendly and innovative products.

    Volti charging devices were developed to meet electric vehicle owners’ charging needs   and are designed for both individual and corporate use. You can use the table below to choose which Volti charger best meets your needs.

    Gas Stations, Private Companies, Offices, Fleets, Hotels, Parking Lots, Shopping Malls, Stores, Restaurants, etc. For Common Usage Areas:
    For Individual and Corporate Private Areas:
    For individual Non-Home Use:
    Charging stations allow users to charge their vehicles with their personal charging cables, intended for shared use, established in areas reserved for company employees and/or customers.
    Fixed charging station with its own charging cable for private use.
    Portable charger that you can store in your vehicle.
    You need:
    Volti STATION – A charging station suitable for shared use. Employees or customers can be granted authorization to use the station via an RFID card or mobile application.
    You need:
    Volti HOME –

    A charging station suitable for private use in your home or office.
    You need:
    Volti GO – A portable, plug-and-charge charger. Suitable for wherever you need energy.
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